If you want to increase the overall visibility of your business website, you can now take advantage of search engine marketing, also known as SEM. It is currently the most popular way to promote your site to targeted consumers. SEM does include SEO in order to improve search engine results. Every year, companies all over the world spend billions on advertising on Google and Facebook with SEM, and there are no signs of the trend slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Google possessed more than 89% of the SEM market in 2016, with Bing coming in a distant second, followed by Yahoo and China’s Baidu.

SEM includes SEO with pay per click marketing, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Consumers appreciate the ads, as they can contact the retailer or search a business website with one simple click. Of course, advertisements should be updated on a regular basis to keep up with the most recent search trends and effective keywords.

Often times, SEM is used as a synonym for pay per click (PPC) advertising in the business world. However, using the term in this manner excludes SEM’s retargeting and full SEO capabilities.

SEM also involves social media marketing, a.k.a. SMM. This is when a business takes advantage of social media pages, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, to persuade buyers to spend money on their product or service.

When you are ready to bring your business up to date with the latest and greatest advertising techniques, rely on SEM to generate new leads. At the same time, search engine marketing can be used to establish your company name and/or logo in potential consumers’ eyes and brains. When individuals looking for a restaurant near Fort Lauderdale Beach search the web, you can be the first ad that jumps out at them on the side of the page.

A high-quality SEM campaign can increase your business with plenty of exposure in minimal time, as well as new customers that will turn into repeat buyers. Studies have proven that customers who use a SEM ad are much more likely to conduct business with a company than people who search for goods and services on organic results.

At Icon SEO, our experienced team of digital marketing specialists, including SEM writers and graphic designers, will help you identify the most effective keywords to target. With the help of Icon SEO and the most productive SEM campaign on the market, your company’s advertisements can and will convert into business.

To sum it all up, a well-managed SEM advertising campaign can:

  • Be directed towards potential buyers in your targeted location that are actively searching for your product or service
  • Get your “sponsored link” advertisements to appear at the top of a search page’s results
  • Attract consumers in a specified location who are looking for a particular product or service that you can provide
  • Gain immediate customer exposure on search engines, even if your website is not organically ranked
  • Instantly update advertising campaigns to target a specific market with the most effective keywords without going over your set budget