Broward Coast


As an established South Florida real estate agent and agency, our client wanted a website that would let him stand out from the crowd.  Our web designers had to create a pleasing visual effect and allow viewers and potential clients to easily see and search properties available for sale in South Florida.  Our web design accomplished these goals.  The website is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. With the advanced mapping feature that is built-in, visitors can easily see a list of home inventories in the area, select individual properties for viewing, and navigate to a details page for a selected property.

This web design incorporates WordPress to make any modifications to the website easy to do.  WordPress offers many “plug-ins” that allow expansion of the functions and capabilities for a website such as calendars and blogs.

Broward Coast also decided to let our Fort Lauderdale SEO experts incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize his client potential in the Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida areas.  In addition to the beautiful design, the website incorporates extensive and effective tagging to help the search engines, see and index content on the client’s website. So when a searcher uses a search engine like Google to look up real estate in the local area, the results will be matched up to the website.  Search optimization is a very cost effective way to gain traffic.

As part of our search optimization for this client, we have created web pages focused on specific geographically targeted areas. Content contains information about that locale and includes common keywords that searchers are likely to use when looking for real estate in that location.  These pages can be part of a very effective strategy to achieve local rankings.  Click here to see an example of a web page targeting Lighthouse Point, Florida.