Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

What Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

The internet is now used in every form of human communication. As a result, advertising on the Web is the fastest-growing trend for companies to reach the masses. As we all know, Pay-Per-Click is now the most popular and efficient method of advertising. Its campaigns can be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, whether it is used on websites, advertising networks, or search engines. Since online advertising first appeared in 1997, keywords lead consumers to sponsored links or sponsored ads, getting the advertiser to pay only when an internet user clicks on the posted ad to be directed to the advertiser’s website. Pay-Per-Click ads generally appear alongside or above the site’s regular listings. They offer far more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to the nuts and bolts of both creating and managing an advertising campaign.

Which Search Engines Allow Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

A business must narrow down its wide selection of Pay-Per-Click search engines by pin-pointing what features are most important to its marketing goals. Regardless of size or niche markets, any company should investigate and compare search engines’ parameters before choosing the right program to invest its time and money. Of the numerous search engines available of the web, let’s take a quick look at the top ten most recognizable sites. In the last couple of years, agencies around the globe have arisen to facilitate the use of Pay-Per-Click advertising. Popular search terms can cost more money on the most popular engines.

Rely on Google AdWords

Since 1998, Google has grown into the web’s largest and most popular search engine, earning 50 to 80% of all search traffic. The popular engine introduced its AdWords program in year 2000, allowing the Pay-Per-Click industry to skyrocket into the new millennium. Today, the well-supported advertising package is quite diverse and widely used on a daily basis by companies without a website, as well as those with an online presence. For most businesses, they should begin setting up their Google AdWords campaigns to figure out which terms convert to sales profitably. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to make that work, but it needs to get done. Google may be the only way to get a steady, predictable stream of traffic each and every day.

The Power of Keywords

First off, a business must bid on hundreds, if not thousands of keywords per ad to earn a decent amount of traffic. Also, research should be done to find which keywords are the most relevant in Pay Per Click advertising. Buying keywords can be compared to purchasing lottery tickets, as the more keywords you possess increases your chance of winning business. Keywords must be specific to the ad group being searched, and advertisements should always be relevant to targeted keywords in order to earn clicks. Finally, test and track your keywords on a macro level, as well as on a micro level. Use trial and error with your possible keywords to see which ones convert into business dollars, and which keywords do not earn you a profit.

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