Google Analytics

As soon as Icon SEO sets up your business web page, you can rely on Google Analytics to track and report all the traffic coming onto your site, as well as exiting it. The powerful platform lets a business understand everything about its traffic and where it is coming from, how long they stayed on your site and how many pages they visited, as well as the latest trends on the market. An individual or company can subscribe to the free Google Analytics 360 service, as well as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to track what people are doing on their cellphones.

When it comes to the biggest company with the best software for analyzing a platform online, Google Analytics is king. In fact, roughly 66% of the most lucrative websites around the world rely on it for several reasons. First, a company can track when and where all their traffic is coming from. And second, Analytics also tracks what campaign drove visitors to a site, as well as a key performance indicator (KPI) to track conversion rates.

Just because Google Analytics doesn’t cost any money does not mean that it is uncomplicated to use. In fact, it can be downright frustrating for a businessman or woman who is unfamiliar with the software to track the valuable information offered. That is why it makes sense to employ Icon SEO’s Digital Marketing Specialists who can communicate the precise information that you want or need to know. That way, we can work as a team to implement any changes to your website and its pages. After all, you want to stay up to date with the internet, Google’s latest twists to its search algorithm, and execute the most productive advertising campaigns possible.

When it comes to setting up your online marketing campaign, Icon SEO can take care of all the little details. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are here to provide you and your team all the necessary information to set up and use Google Analytics to your maximum advantage. Following a consultation between an Icon SEO Analytics specialist and you or your team, we will efficiently configure your website to meet all your expectations, as well as Google’s strict guidelines. We will test every page, as well as manage your marketing campaigns. This will allow you to focus your time on running your business. Leave the complicating configurations and data tracking to us.

Icon SEO can do more than set up Google Analytics to track your digital marketing campaign. We also offer you the best consultation in the business. Where can your website improve? What keywords can be added, and what metatags attract the highest number of visitors without your bounce rate flying through the roof? By answering these questions, you can save plenty of money and generate a considerable amount of higher revenues. Turn to Icon SEO to discover the latest and greatest tricks for reviewing your site and providing feedback on the smartest solutions to attract search engines, increase targeted visitors, and deliver more online traffic to your specific business.

Call us today at (800) 558-1017 to see how Icon SEO can help you set up and manage a Google Analytics campaign. After all, you want to measure the performance of your webpages and make any necessary improvements to give your business get the exposure it deserves.