AdWords Managed Placement

Relying on nothing but the most efficient advertising techniques, Icon SEO uses Google AdWords Managed Placement to connect businesses with targeted consumers. These targeted advertising campaigns can appear on a certain web page, video content, mobile app, and single ad that already has a place in the Google Display Network.

What separates Managed Placement ads from automatically placed keywords is that a business can actually choose where it’s advertisements are seen. For instance, a sporting goods store in Coral Springs, Florida can select to be placed on websites of its choosing, such as beside football scores or a local gym. In other words, AdWords Managed Placement advertisements give the buyer more control over what exactly their potential audiences see in their ads.

An advertiser can also use Managed Placement ads to set a certain bid to a site. If the sporting goods store in Coral Springs performs better on the Miami Dolphins homepage, it can set a higher bid on the football team’s homepage than other websites. The “Bid only” setting just needs to be turned on, allowing you to become more competitive for that placement on the Miami Dolphins site. At the same time, your ad will still appear on other websites, thanks to targeted keywords and topics.

Before you jump into an AdWords Managed Placement campaign, you need to understand a few basics. For instance, every placement you choose is required to be part of Google AdWords’ Display Network. Also, you can only add your Managed Placement advertisements to specific campaigns, like “Display Network only” and “Search Network with Display Select.” The more popular a website, the more competitive and costly it will be.

To sum it up, the advantages of Managed Placement advertisements is that you get to pick exactly where your advertisements will appear. If you sell wedding cakes and want your ads to show up on pages for a specific wedding venue or all wedding venues in a specific location, you can simply add that term to your Managed Placement ad. Your ads will only appear on pages that your targeted customers read. Remember, you can always increase your bid in an attempt to get more exposure.

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