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In today’s business world, taking advantage of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is essential for getting your webpage ranked on sites like Google. The first page of search engine results drive more than 90% of internet traffic. That is why it is crucial for any business to get to page one and stay on page one by using the right keywords within high quality content for effective SEO

Depend on Icon SEO for your:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Website development
  • Content development
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Web promotion
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Corporate logos

What We Do

The industry tactics are changing on a daily basis. The modern designers and lucrative content writers at Icon SEO can take care of everything, from onsite architecture and content distribution to social media and organic link building. It makes no difference what products or services you provide, Icon SEO will get you exposure. We use effective techniques, as well as the latest and greatest tools to get our clients ranked on the first page of Google, as well as drive customers to their sites.

Who We Are

Icon SEO relies on years of education, experience and expertise to offer honest and critical evaluations of business websites. Rather than the majority of companies in our industry who are all talk with minimum results, we can actually back up our claims and improve everything from your homepage to your Facebook account.

Our Objectives

The marketing benefits that Icon SEO provides will have massive value to your business. Our highly skilled team members get fascinating results with digital marketing. Icon SEO guarantees our cost-effective strategies will earn your business new prospects and returning customers. It all starts with Icon SEO getting your company on the first page of Google.

The Icon SEO Team

Web design, search optimization, and social media marketing all have specific, unique skill set requirements. We have hired a staff that has the skills to successfully create the strategies and execute the steps necessary to achieve maximum SEO results. Best yet, all staff is housed in our complex in South Florida and available for consultation with the client. As always, the Icon SEO team members are available by phone and email to answer any questions, provide comments and offer suggestions.

  • Joe’s background is marketing, printing, and SEO. Throughout his career he has educated himself on the skills needed to succeed. Joe has a trail of past successes, including the longevity of Icon.
    Joe Whitefall
    Owner & CEO
  • Roger Burns
    Sales & Marketing
  • With over seven years experience in online marketing, William has managed over 700 projects for national and international businesses.
    William Cardoso
    Senior Developer
  • Ray Kane
    SEO, SEM & PPC
  • Todd McFliker
    Content Writer
  • Mark Murray
    Customer Relations
  • Alec Vindas
    Web & SEO Associate
  • Peter Jackson
    Website Designer
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